Analyze Income and Expenditures

As you start with Transaction Tracker we provide the flexibility to genrate dynamic reports for Income and Expenditures whihc helps us to take the decision where necessary imprevements is needed in company.

Expenditures like wages utility payments are re-occuring items and when we pay the utilities and track them whihc helps us in contollling unnecessary expenses. As when we deal with the businees revenue source are the important aspects tracking revenue source helps us in improvement in sources


Book keeping, Purchase and Sales when we do paper work requires extra effort to gather information and creare reports like Purchase, Sales and Inventory Stock is time consuming process. Whihc required man power and cost.

Start saving man power and money with just a single click genearte various reports

7 Days Trial

It's very hard to pay for software when we don't know how does it work or will it satisfied my needs. Let's overcome from these situations and use Transaction Trakcer as 7 days trail..


Silver plan is designed to full fill individual needs in terms of book keeping, track inventory and manage GST. It provided flexibility to maintain simple account very easy to capture expense and incomes so that you will have all information in central place.


When you do sales and manage books then Gold account is the another plan that we have designed. Gold account includes feature like Sales, Accounts and Reports.


Big headche when it's come to stock management. Platinum package is desgined in such a way so that you can track Purchase and Sales. Maintain Supplier's and Buyer accounts in few steps with advance reportings.